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Handmade Carbide Stone mason chisels, Made in Colorado.

At LM Masonry we are now offering handmade carbide tipped chisels. Crafted by a Stone Mason for Stone Masons. Carbide braze joint/craftsmanship is guaranteed. I am making chisels in the same fashion as Mr. Chris Jenkins of Masonville, Colorado. Chris  invented the carbide tipped chisel for masons along with many other innovations that revolutionized the Stone industry. I was lucky enough to purchase and use quite a variety of his handmade chisels which are renowned locally. I am working hard to replicate his craft. These chisels are made with quality USA made carbide with the best characteristics for this application. The carbide grade I use has the highest impact resistance which makes it a little bit softer but it is a lot less likely to break than CJ chisels. If you break a corner off your chisel (don't take the corners to pound town)  I do offer an affordable carbide replacement service, just contact me if  needed. If there are any issues that are obviously related to craftsmanship or inferior materials and not misuse, I will replace or refund your chisel. For sale on Ebay and locally at a discounted price. Every chisel looks just a little bit different as they are handmade so the pictures are likely not the exact chisel you will get but a good representation of style and size.

I will post more pictures soon. I am currently offering a 1" Pitcher and Tracer, and a 1.5" Pitcher and tracer. The 1.5" chisels in the picture are made with a 1-1/8" shank. I have actually switched to a 1" shank as it's a little more comfortable in the hand. Call or email with any questions and/or to check on availability.